What is it with me and zombies?

The graphics are not perfect. But it does shine in other areas.

I really have no clue. But the game I found is simply AWEMAZENDARY! Seriously, I can not stretch this enough. It goes by the pretty bland title "Rebuild" and is set some time after a zombie-apocalypse. Thanks to Sarah Northway (wait, a girl making a zombie game?) for letting me live through about an hour of turn-based strategy joy.
You play as the leader of a fortified area within a town with the wish to rebuild (hence the title). You do so by killing zombies in nearby areas, building fences around them, raiding the vicinity for food, farming, rescuing survivors and so on and so forth.
The gameplay is both simple and compley, allowing for quite a bit of strategy but still remaining easy to control. A randomly generated map makes it replayable (even if the quite low amount of variety in the areas does make it boring after two or so plays.)

 All the while you sit under quite a bit of pressure (depending on the difficulty), because you have to balance your survivors and your areas in order to have enough space for all of the people living in your fort, enough defenses and enough food at all time while still expanding your territory (because if you don't, you are going to fail utterly.)
This is spiced up with little notifications whenever you defend yourself against the hordes at night or when a team managed to succeed (or fail) at a mission. Together with individual names for each character, you get really close to the action, even though it is still turn-based. It feels as if you actually live in this fortress. I have never felt such good atmosphere in a Minigame.
Defending your fort is not as exciting as it could be.
I didn't even turn the music off (which I usually do because I love to listen to my own music while playing), because it fit the ambience so well.
All in all a great experience, even though it does not have any shiny graphics or actual action.
Oh no, not Anderson!


  1. Sounds awesome. I'm gonna have to try it out.


  2. The graphics are nice. Just got the game myself, seems like a good waste of time.

  3. Looks like a really interesting game. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh sweet a new minigame for my free time!


  5. This is brilliant! This is exactly what I needed today, a game about surviving hordes of zombies. Which is of course what daily life feels more and more akin to each day :)

  6. Yeahh zombie games are the best, thanks for sharing this game

  7. Fuck yeah zombies! I love this kind of games

  8. It sounds pretty fun, I enjoy these kinds of games.

  9. Please let me study man. I shouldn't play for a while!

  10. that game got me going for several hours now, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
    i just can't stop!