Pew pew!

If you grew up playing Apogee's raptor, like all the cool kids did, then you will love Not Your War. Well, I dont know if you'll love it because it is not viewed through the eyes of nostalgia and most of the mechanics, graphics, sound and "backstory" are completely different.
But the concept is the same: you play as some kind of plane-thingy, the camera moves up, enemies move down, your bullets move into them, everbody's happy. Except the enemie's mommys.

What sets this game ahead of Raptor though is the great music, the griddy and awesome graphics and the fact that it has some sort of backstory, told in stills with text.
Im sold on it. The only thing I still find kind of weird is the upgrade system. You just get to choose upgrades at arbitrary moments in the game. Don't know why or how.
Anyways, check it out, if you want to kill about an hour.


Guess what? A zombie game!

 This game had been suggested to me by someone in a comment and I would like to thank whoever did suggest it for that. Because Infectionator is simply awesome. You play as some kind of mad scientist who has the ability to spread a zombie-virus in some town and watch it and all the people become tasty treats to your new zombie army.
Dying people drop money (wut.) which you can pick up (how?) and buy upgrades for (from whom??) your virus with.
The game itself does not require great graphics or sounds, the retro look fits it well and the "bloop bleep" 16-bit-music creates a great retro-feeling about it.
 There are only minor issues I would like to adress though. First of all: there is a lot of less than subtle racism. You start in Africa in some tribe's village where people say token-sentences. You then spread to bigger African cities where all black people are apparently rastafaries and everyone in a suit is white. I have also not seen a single black woman in this game. All soldiers and police officers are white...
But I didnt mind that much. Becaus I thought it funny. Its so blatand that you cant take it seriously, really. Another part that was kind of annoying was the tutorial, that I mostly skipped, because itexplained the most self-explanatory parts while leaving out the ones that weren't (at least to me: it took me quite a while to figure out the update screen).
But despite these things, infectionator is really recommendable and quite a bit of fun if you want to procrastinate studying like me.


You guys

I am awfully sorry. I know, I am more than a week behind on my entry, but I got my finals coming up and I am in the middle of a theatre-season.
I hope you can wait another week. I think I will be able to put an entry up on monday, because I wont have any classes anymore after tomorrow.
We will see. Stick with me.
You are a great readership ;)