I dont think this is how this works.

Warning: This game is addictive! I have spent way too many hours playing it instead of doing important stuff!
That being said, let us start with the review.
Today I would like to talk about Digital Upgrade. I am told that this game is like "Doctor Mario", which I never played but I am just going to go with that comparison, since I can not argue against it. Digital Upgrade was created by Illuvas, Argentin & Redmoon Deejay and published by MaxGames. In it you have to build a computer virus by combining certain elements that drop from above to ones of a higher power.
All in order. Note the bar on the left side, it shows the order in which the elements evolve
 I am not a programmer myself but I am pretty sure
 that is not how you make a computer virus. I am also pretty sure that you can not make a cd simply by combining three floppies.
The elements appear above the playfield and you may control where and how they drop. The catch is that you always get two elements and they mostly don't have the same type, so you have some arranging and sorting to do if you don't want to drown in low-level parts.
Once the top of the playfield is reached it begins to blink red. You may not place any element above it or you loose.
Pretty simple, eh?
Yeah. That is also what makes this game so addictive. Once you understood how to arrange the elements for combos and stuff you cant stop. You simply cant. I played until I saw the elements in my sleep, arranged in lines, disappearing in bright flashes and spawning higher elements.
The only thing that really destroys the experience is the music. I dont know why, but I find it absolutely terrible.
Aw balls.
Well that is all there is to be said about this game, I suppose you better check it out yourself, it is worth it, if you can afford getting hooked to it.


  1. i checked it out and i love it!!!!

  2. i just can't stop playing it...

  3. This is gonna take up... the rest of my day D=

  4. Uh-oh, I've logged many hours into Dr. Mario, this does not sound like it would be a good idea to play. But I'm gonna do it anyway, so thanks xD

  5. Must not... Play... Addicting games... Work... Can Wait... Must play...

  6. cool new twist on tetris I liked it

  7. Dammit! I have a test to take....I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!


  8. I thought viruses were mostly composed of code rather than components. Maybe we were all wrong?

  9. Hey, this is a nice review!

  10. Will check it out tomorrow. Now it's too late :)

  11. nice game... now you got me hooked XD