Guess who's back

Yes, my minions, I have returned from the cold, black hiatus that swallowed me.
I came to present to you: EFFING WORMS by Effing Games. This game does so many things so very right, it is just perfect for a lunch break or the short periods between two assignments.
Doesnt this scream "AWESOME!"?
If you are like me and enjoy cheesy horror flicks then you will enjoy this game just as much as I did.
In a nutshell you are a worm and you want to eat. Humans, Cows, Dogs, Tanks, Choppers, Mechs, Hovertanks... all that good stuff. And that is all you do. Inbetween levels, you get to upgrade your worm and get neat features, like spikes or a different type of skin.
Today's weather: Sunshine with a ninety percent chance of angry worm.
The problem? You can only choose one of two upgrades and you can make that choice only once. So you always have to think: "Do I want a fast worm, or do I want more health?"
However you decide, you grow in size and abilities until you become a massive monster and destroy everything that dares to walk around above ground.
The easy controls make this a blast. The worm steers sort of like a car in a racing game (see Freeway Fury), except that you will be drawn down by gravity if you are above ground. However, jumping out of the ground to snatch some choppers out of mid air is just more fun this way.
All of this is topped off with a nice icing of witty comments and the little elements, like protestors holding peace signs and commentatory to your upgrades.
I also really enjoyed the punk-rock soundtrack that is cranked up every time you come above ground, especially because it is quite cheesy.
Unfortunately this game is not perfect. It is very short and very easy, after level 5 or so you will not find any enemies that could pose a real threat to you and two levels later you find yourself in sandbox mode, where you are killing people aimlessly just to see that little score number on the bottom right corner rise.
Which is probably why Notdoppler gave this game a 13+ rating, because it degrades human life.
Not like I care. OM NOM NOM!


  1. Okay. I'm gonna have to play that.

  2. haha, I think this will have my attention untill the next addicting yet pointless game comes out : P

  3. Finally. I was waiting to stumble upon one of those blogs. Followed for sure.

  4. My friend showed me this game once and IT'S FUCKING AWESOME haha

  5. thank you for making this blog, now i dont have to any searching for good games :)

  6. Looks like that worm game on my iPhone, Imma gonna try it out, thanks!

  7. This reminds me of some 1950s sci-fi film

  8. I loved this game, it gets a bit laggy after a few upgrades though.

  9. huum ... Tremors or what it was called.. giant worms eating people fighting them...

  10. Played this game in School all day today. Really funny stuff - Well, at least funnier than history

  11. Oh man, it's one of the most addicting games I've played recently. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thx for posting that its a great game =)