This probably does not fit into my category

But I will review it anyways. Because fuck you.
Today I am taking a closer look Age Of Chivalry, a source mod, available for free on steam (as long as you have any game from steam that uses the engine.)
It is designed by Torn Banner Studios, formerly known as Team Chivalry and thus they sort of do fit into this blog.
Anyhow, the game itself is a first person... well its not directly a shooter, though you do shoot sometimes so... uh... yeah. Let me say it this way: you control one out of nine classes of warriors with different weapons and armory, with each weapon providing you with at least three ways to damage your opponents and you hack and slay your way through different maps with different objectives. You could say that the game is sorta multiplayer-based, because there is no single-player campaign. Given the absurd stupidity of the bots the game provides it is no wonder however. Minecraft has better AI. Whatever, real men don't use bots. Real men go to the internet and do battle there.
And boy, did I do that the past week.
Now let me start with the downsides of this game, so I can then drown it in praise, because I believe this is a great project that could really go somewhere.
The biggest negative point is that this game does require a good internet-connection. And by good I mean it is unplayable with a ping over 60. Seriously, it isnt. I guess you can sort of understand that if you think that you have to parry melee attacks and react to your opponent in real-time, which gets pretty hard if you are 1/10th of a second behind. It happened to me quite often that I simply died without understanding why the fuck I was dead.Yeah, I got mad, but I got over it. Another minus is the level-design. Most levels are so fucking dark that it is impossible to tell who is friend or foe unless you can smell their breath and tell that they didnt eat the same thing you did because they have eaten at a different encampment. This goes along with the fact that some maps are unplayable with 32 players (which is the player-limit for most servers tho), because there is just a shit-load of people trying to get through a narrow pass. You then just need a single dude (me) with a big weapon swinging away and 10 of his comrades loose their head. Not cool, especially if you have voice chat on. Boy, I did learn some new swear-words. In so many languages.
Which brings me to the next point: the community. It is an unfortunate fact that many indie-games have a lot of stupid kids playing it. Especially this one lures them in with its over-the top violence and body parts sputtering around.
But that is it with the negative points. Really, there is nothing more I can hate about this game. And I am sure all of these aspects will be taken out with updates gradually (right? rrrriiiiiight?).
Now, why did I play this game so excessively over the past week? Simply because it is very intuitive. Well, it did take some time getting used to the delay of your attacks, but after you get that down you can start slaying. The taunts and voice outputs of the characters, the blunt noises of steel hammers crashing skulls and the agonizing cries of dying warriors create a dense and violent war-atmosphere. You experience hell on the battleground. Which is probably why the levels have to be so dark. Who knows.
Anyhow, I will just go and play another round or six until I finally stop procrastinating and start writing that novel. Hope you are not too sad, office drones. Next week I will review infectionator.


  1. hmm look neat, gonna try it when i am home

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  3. will look at this sometime, maybe later or tomorrow perhaps?

  4. Great review. I enjoyed playing this game

  5. Good review really, i enjoyed reading

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