Kind of like office space. With zombies. And completely different.

Ah, The Zombie Exploder is a game just the way I like it. It combines so many great elements and features to a good mini-gaming experience for people, who can take a little blood and gore on their work-computer, and who also like zombies the way I do: smashed to pieces.
Do you see that awesome menu? The zombies on the left move, btw.
The premise is pretty simple: at some point during your working day you realize that all your co-workers have turned into zombies. This wouldnt be much of a problem if you weren't in the 20th story of an office building packed with suit-wearing undead stumblers.
So you have to fight your way from storey to storey to finally reach the ground (which I never managed to do. Tell me in the comments, how far you got. The lowest I ever got was 10th).
You cant really tell, but I just threw a zombie out of this window.
The music is subtle, the "physics" feel smooth and the graphics look neat and gory. Even the menues can impress me with their 28-days-later-feel. One of the funniest moments in the game is however, when you throw a zombie out of a window and the game rewards you with a "HOMERUN!" and gives you extra points for your RAMPAGE-bar. I just cant help but imagine some poor dude running around on the streets and having zombie parts raining on him.
One thing bugs me about the game though, and that's how you control your character. It is... very innovative, but annoying. You still move with WASD or the arrow keys, and you can do a flying kick by pressing the left mouse button, but you control your fist via MOVING your mouse. Which leads to me flailing my mouse around like a crazy person. I tried to play this game from my girlfriend's sofa and it didn't work so well because the mouse didn't pick up the movement the way it should have and I got a lot of french kisses from rotting-ex-coworkers.

No means no!
 But overall, there is nothing better than running through a mass of walking corpses while kicking and punching them into oblivion.
The fist follows the movements of your mouse.

Finally the only spanish I know comes to a good use: "HOUSEKEEPING? CLEANING ROOM NOW!"
Allright, I'm just going to tell you to check this game out if you're like me and you like zombies and a little bit of gore.


  1. Lol now if only they added a little more movement to the character models that would make it great.

  2. Yeah, you're right, they could have spent more time on that.

  3. Incredible!:)

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  4. Zombie games are always awesome, thanks for this post :)

  5. this game looks fun, will check out later ^^

  6. Was really net. I loved the music, and it had pretty good fps.

  7. Walking corpses? LOL. That's a bit of a contradiction, but... it's a game, so I guess it works. These kinda zombie games have been popular ever since MJ's Thriller. Quake did it (overrated)... and Saun of the Dead probably gave the zombie industry a boost.

  8. This one looks really good!
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  9. you got me with it's like Office Space

  10. It was a good play, but I got bored of it pretty quickly. :(

  11. tried it a couple times, people loved it at college last year :P